Fedrigoni x Oliver Bonas

Entry for the 2019/2020 YCN Student Award Brief

Illustration and Packaging 

British Isles inspired candle collection for the 2020 Summer Collection 

candle boxs mountain.png

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This project was my entry to the 2019/2020 YCN Student Awards, which was a collaboration between Oliver Bonas, an independent lifestyle clothing brand, and Fedrigoni, an Italian manufacturer of paper. The challenge was to create packaging designs for a candle range combining both brands, as a part of their summer 2020 collection.


The Unity Collection embodies the natural elements of the British Isles and the Danish concept of Hygge, by creating natural scents to help women relax and take time for themselves. The purpose of the collection is to encourage more to reconnect with nature and themselves, as it allows you to reflect on the present by enjoying the gifts nature offers. The main aim is to bring together all the countries of the British Isles, in a time where we all feel separated by contrasting opinions while encouraging self-care through the Danish concept of Hygge.  With this in mind, the slogan is 'the aromas from the four corners of the British Isles', as it best represents the focus and purpose of the collection.

The scents are created by harmoniously blending local plants and flowers native to each area to create a very natural fragrance that instantly takes you to the four corners of the British Isles.


candle packaging 1 studio low lights.png

The Unity Collection

giant causeway 1-01.jpg

A mockup demonstrating how the design would look during the printing  phrase. It shows that the boxes will be using Betulla paper from Fedrigoni, as the background and base of the design.

A mockup of the Snowdonia packaging. It recreates the mountainous terrain using geometric shapes, linking back to the abstract style used in the all the packaging designs.

A  mockup of the Unity Collection, against a mountainous terrain of geometric shapes