Birmingham Design Festival

Brand Identity, Type Design and Animation 

Live Brief, 2020

The Birmingham Design Festival wanted a new brand identity and campaign, based on the theme of freedom, that felt exciting and took the event towards a new direction. Both should be flexible enough to work across various touchpoints such as print and digital outlets.
The approach I undertook was to explore an abstract style based on the festival’s symbol to create a consistent visual language that emphasised the theme. The symbol is a geometric bird to avoid existing connotations that we relate to this group of animals. The main aim was to ensure it can be applied to various formats and uses to ensure that the identity can remain visually consistent but different as the festival draws closer.

I created a custom typeface to help reinforce the theme, as the foundation of the design is the festival symbol, specifically the body of the bird to help create a concise style. However, the design doesn’t follow all of the typographic rules, but these inconsistencies help to emphasise the concept of freedom, as it throws the conventional rules out and creates its own.