Birmingham Institute of Creative Arts

 The Institute of Creative Arts, Birmingham City University, 2019 

Typeface that combines modern and traditional elements to celebrate the rich history of the Institute

Typography and Type Design

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The Institute of Creative Arts is a new department within the Birmingham City University, combining Visual Communication (Viscom), School of Art and Game Design, to celebrate the original pioneering School of Arts and Craft, located at Margret Street Campus. The challenge was to create an upper and lowercase typeface that reflects traditional significance while showcasing the innovative changes.


I produced an upper and lowercase serif typeface that’s inspired by the Arts and Craft Movement to pay homage to the decorative artists that never got the credit that they deserve. All the characters will showcase elements of William Morris’ work, who was a crucial figure in the original movement and visiting lecturer in the old pioneering institute. Through, the modern aspect of the design, the typefaces are completely digital for all-round use on social media and printed matter to bring more awareness to younger people who are less familiar with the Arts and Craft Movement. It aims to get recognition for their work, fulfilling the movement by ensuring that future generation never forgets the struggles of the Industrial Revolution.

lower and upper cases rgb-01.jpg

Institute of Creative Arts Typeface

Series of mockups to demonstrate how the typeface could be used on brand applications and merchandise 


Series of poster design using the Institute of Creative Arts Typeface