Snowdown Challenge Cup

Personal Brief, 2019

App Design, Advertising, Animation, Brand identity, Illustration, and Environmental Graphics

Concept festival to help promote ice hockey in the UK

mockup template 1.jpg

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The Snowdown Challenge Cup is a four-day festival, that aims to encourage more people to get involved in ice hockey, as fan or player. Through showcasing the best league in the sport, the National Hockey League (NHL) as well as amplifying the British talent found in the Elite Ice Hockey League. The main event will be a tournament between both leagues, providing a platform for new and old fans to see ice hockey at its finest, right in the middle of the UK. The event is family-friendly, as all ages can interact with the sport, whether that’s watching or learning the game. To fully engage with our audience, the festival will be hosting a fan fair alongside the tournament, where fans can interact with their favourite hockey players and win countless prizes.

escalator banner.jpg

Welcome banner used to introduce the fans to the branding and the experience of Snowdown Challenge Cup

A mockup of the advertisement in the surrounding around of the festival and Fun Fair.

A  mockup of how the halls and space would be transformed during the duration of the festival. 

A mockup of the SCC App that would be necessary for the duration of the festival. It's used to keep every fan up to date with any schedule changes and the events taking place in the Fun Fair. 

Series of posters used to advertise the matches during the duration of the festival.

A mockup of how the posters will interact with the space.

Examples of the different brand applications and merchandise that would be available to purchase throughout the festival.