Evergreen Design Magazine

Personal Brief, 2020

Editorial Design, Producing body copy and Illustration

Design magazine that focuses on anthropocene and climate change


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Evergreen is a design magazine, that focuses on the Anthropocene and climate change, by exploring the potential benefits of sustainable design on the planet. The outlook of the publication is hopeful, as it showcases how existing designers are adapting to create change within their industries, to promote more renewable solutions to the ever-growing waste and plastic problem. The main aim is to encourage more people to begin to adopt healthier habits of consumption and alter some of our everyday behaviour to save the planet for the next generations. 


The magazine takes on a minimal style to create a sense of professionalism to help my message spread to be understood. With the topic of climate change, there is a lot of fake news and disbelief, so I wanted to create a trustworthy opinion to help amplify the solutions presented to bring more awareness to the development of sustainable design solutions.


Spreads from Evergreen Magazine